Nov 27, 2010

2nd Drumrecording Day

Greetings from the Studio Mega in Varberg Sweden. Here are some pics from the studio, its surroundings (this really IS in the middle of nowhere). Uli Kusch recorded drums for 5 songs in one day which I have never seen during my producer career. Amazingly powerful and precise drumtracks.
It's pretty cold still in here but everything is going really smoothly. We have a great drumsound and the studio is really great. The songs work and the atmosphere is really positive.

Cheers! -Timo

Nov 25, 2010



Arrived to a small village called Varberg in Sweden. The studio is really cool.
Setting up the drumkit and doing a soundcheck soon.
All nice here.  -T

The Beauty of travelling

Yes, just woke up, quick shower and taxi to the airport. it is ICY outside. Got 4 hours of sleep.
Nice. Short flight to Gotenburg in Sweden and then to record drums with Uli.
We'll send you updates from the studio.
Have a great day!  -Timo


Man, my flight leaves in 8 hours and I haven't packed and I still have to do a million things.
Well it's always the same.  -T

Latest News

We start recording our debut album on 25.11 at Studio Mega in Sweden.
We'll start with the drum tracks of Uli Kusch and we will record 12 songs altogether.

Also, we have signed a four album deal with the biggest
Japanese Metal&Rock label “Marquee Avalon”
for the territory of the entire Asian region, including China.
Negotiations with the other territories are still in progress.

Please check the brand new video interviews of Timo Tolkki
and Andre Matos in Multimedia section.
The remaining interviews with Uli Kusch, Mikko Härkin and Jari Kainulainen will be released on 1.12

The tentative release date for our yet-to-be-named debut album is 25.3.2011