Jan 6, 2011


Hello all and happy new year!

Me and Andre have been here in the middle of a Swedish forest for a week recording vocals.
We rented a cabin which is at a top of a hill with an amazing view. If the drumming studio was
in the middle of nowhere then this one is in the middle of that nowhere.

Things are going smooth, we got a great vocal sound. Had to put some blankets on the wall to treat
the place acoustically a bit.
The cabin is slightly haunted, the owner told us that a man named Hans died here 80 years ago and can
sometimes be seen around. So far we haven't seen him.

Things got off to a bit difficult start because Andre has been singing with a certain piece of art right next 
to him since he left Angra. It is a famous painting by Salvador Dali called "Madonna of Port Lligat".
So we had to Fedex that from Sao Paulo for him and that took some time. Andre is a massive Dali fan 
so I understand this completely.
Also he wants 2 cactuses and 2 other any kind of plants on the floor next to him where he is singing.

Days are filled with writing and rewriting lyrics and recording vocals in a very nice atmosphere.
Listening to Beethoven and analyzing it. We both are big fans.

The album is taking shape in a very nice way..

     Sunny greetings from the forest, Timo & Andre


  1. Excellent! I look forward to the album! Been a Matos fan since the days of Angels Cry, and of yours since Visions! By the way, Timo, your book changed my life as much as your music! I can't wait to listen to your new songs!

  2. sweet!! Say to hi to hans if you see him ;)

  3. Really nice place! Andre's voice is amazing. You and him in the same album is a formula that can't fail ;) Greetings from Argentina!

  4. It seems to me like what Nightwish made recently. hahaha

    Andre's the best vocal in the whole world.

  5. Any to chance to hear Hans as guest vocalist?

  6. Andre Matos is one of the best heavy metal singers ever.

  7. "Andre's the best vocal in the whole world."

    It's great and the best musician in the heavy metal's world!

    So curious about the voice!!!

  8. André Matos is just the best singer in the whole world!

  9. Well let me just put it this way...the emotion, power and his range is truly unique indeed. It is such a pleasure to record Andre's vocals, although I do not understand this Salvador Dali thing but who cares!

  10. Andre is my fav musician of all time.

  11. Does this painting help him to sing better ? Anyway, Dali is a great artist and so is André.
    You guys are making an alchemy that will blow us all away.
    Timo keep on making great riffs with your feeling and intensity.
    See ya guys
    Yann aka Moumouth from France

  12. Andre Matos and Power Metal!!! I've waited 17 years to see that!! I always thought Angra could be more power and now my dreams are coming true. Love you forever, Andre! You know it.

  13. Excellent! Happy New Year and congratulations on your work. If Andre needs to see a unique piece of art while he is singing, tell him to look at you!

    Sunny greetings from my barbecue. Thanks for sharing. AleMetal.

  14. Ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii o detalhe das plantinhas....O Mestre sabe das coisas!!!!

  15. Yeahhh, my dreams coming tr00! \0/
    Andre and all powermetal gods united, without words!
    I'm a great fan of Andre's vocal since Viper, my idol and
    inspiration to sing, and one thing I can assure, this album
    will be a kickass lesson of melodic music and passion.

    Can't wait for. Hugs from Brazil! \0/

  16. Good luck to you guys with recording!

  17. Parabéns por sua vida dedicada ao melhor da vida... o nosso metal!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ah nice! With this landscape, you can have a lot of inspiration for the new stuff!
    good luck guys!

  19. Wish you luck :D
    Be careful if you the studio is said to be haunted thought. I know people that has recorded in a so-called haunted studio, and listened to the recording there when finished and it sounded great, but when they listened to it elsewhere outside the studio, there were wailing-like sounds and a lot of other odd sounds.. rather creepy. So, look out for Hans haha and good luck in you recordings! :)

  20. This is beyond awesome. I see either Andre or Timo has got great taste in literature as well (referring to 2666 by Roberto Bolaño). Also lol @ Ramlösa. :-)

    I have great faith in you guys and I look forward very much to hear the end results.


  21. Matos es muy supersticioso,pero se le vale con esa gran voz que posée...
    y de Timo ps ni hablar, es el mejor musico y productor de todos los tiempos!!!

  22. The best work Andre Mattos has ever done concerning vocals is the one with Viper: Theatre of Fate: that was really passionate and honest, but simple and truthful as well. Good luck on the new project. I really DO look forward to hear it.

  23. Andre manoo isso ae vai ser demais...

  24. heeyy es maravilloso saber que por fin se juntaron los dos de alli saldra algo maravilloso estoy completamente seguro.saludos desde bogota colombia.thank for the music and we are ready prepare for the next album.besth wishes.

  25. Eai André quando é que tu vai voltar a tocar em Porto Alegre? Não sei se você se lembra de mim eu fui no sua apresentação no Classicos do Rock em 2009 e no caminarim eu te falei que era fã do Blaze Bayley e no final te fiz peitinho. hehehe
    Boa Sorte cuidado esse Tolkki e louco
    @luizblaze - luizblaze@gmail.com

  26. Porra André, parabéns por estar onde você tá cara, você merece, é um dos melhores vocalistas de metal do mundo, uma das minhas principais influências, e com certeza esse Symfonia vai dar algo bom, já que tu e o maluco do Tolkki dão uma bela combinação (Cuidado cara, ele pode acabar contratando a mulher do SoulSpell no seu lugar hein! hauhauha) de músicos. Eu daria tudo pra estar onde você tá, ter toda essa glória e essa legião, cara, no Brasil um dos meus poucos orgulhos é você :D Vai com fé amigo, você é um dos reis agora, quem sabe um dia eu chego aos pés do que você é né... (Também penso em cantar metal hm) E como é trabalhar com um dos compositores mais fodões do metal? Conta aí, fui xD Ah, e uma coisa, o Elysium do Stratovarius tá chutando bundas amigos, boa sorte pra superarem rs.

  27. Aeeee ansioso demais por este album!

    Parece que o Andre emagreceu hein hahaha' os dias fora do Brasil estão surtindo efeito kkkk

  28. Desde Chile un saludo muy especial, esperando segura de estos grandes musicos calidad musical y deleite para nuestros oidos. Mucho exito!!!!
    Besos y cariños mil,
    Carolina Araneda O.

  29. Que bacana, tomara que seja pareciso com o primeiro albúm de Avantasia.

  30. It is a pleasure to see so many of my music idols together. Although Helloween introduced me to the "melodic" metal's world, it was Angra (Matos' era) that turned me into a loyal fan. And I remember, almost twenty years ago, 1994, when I was 16, Circo Voador in Rio de Janeiro. The stage level was so low that I could hit Andre's feet with "punches" along the show. I guess he wasnt happy with that, but I am sure I was responsible for some of the highest vocal notes he has ever reached. Good on you guys. Luck in the new project (as if you needed)!

  31. Is there any video from the vocal sessions?