Mar 6, 2011

Litttle travelling

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well with u guys. I thought to write few words from this fancy hotelroom that they book for us rockstars although I dont see any stars in this room. :)
First of all thank you from my heart for my birthday greetings. That truly overwhelmed me since my schedule has been really crazy for the past few weeks with negotations for the upcoming Symfonia tour,
promotours, interviews, birthdays  aaaaargggh!!! :)

Anyway all well in this camp and we hope to give you some news soon about the tourdates .

Greetings from sunny Hamburg!        Cheers,Timo

PS. I include some pics I took on my way here. Dont take them too seriously. Or take them too seriously.
I just love photography :)


  1. Hey Timo, I hope to see you in Brazil!

  2. Timo we love you!!
    Have a nice week!!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  3. Hey guys! Best formation of a metal band EVER! Hope to see you guys in Brazil soon.

    Parabéns a todos! Melhor banda de metal que eu já tive o prazer de ouvir!

  4. Hey Timo, I hope to see you in Brazil! [2]

  5. Hi Mr. Tolkki
    great pics here. I like photography too.
    thats pretty cool
    What camera do you use?

    Big Hug and Happy Birthday

    Amanda Martins

  6. Amanda, I use iPhone4, Canon EOS 5D and Lightroom, Photoshop and
    Photomatix software.

    Thanks, Timo

  7. Hello, Tolkki! How are you?

    Marcelo Beckenkamp am, I'm from Brazil, more precisely from the inner city of Sao Paulo, plus the site creator Heavy Banger, whose content is related to interviews and news about artists and bands segment rock / metal.

    Well, I would like to conduct an interview with you and Andre Matos, and so we beat a chat about their careers, Symfonia, finally. Is it possible?

    I await response, and now, thanks!

    Contact email:


  8. NOTE: Sorry to invade the space of the band, but found no other way to be able to get in touch.

  9. Great equipment Mr. Tolkki. :)
    I use an Nikon and Photoshop too.

    PS: please, keep posting more pics, I really like them.

  10. Hi again Mr. Tolkki
    How are you? and how is going the band?

    Well, I just wanna know if you know the day when Symfonia's CD will be released here in Brazil??

    Thanks for all

    Take Care