Dec 10, 2010

Bass Recordings Completed

Today Friday we just finished all the bass guitars for the entire album. Fixed a couple of things but
it's working really well. There is one song that is 11 minutes long on the album ( the title track) and Jari 
has a bass solo in that song. That was the thing we recorded last today.
I just took him to the airport for his flight home.
The studio where we recorded the bass will be used for our rehearsals for the show at Finnish
Metal Expo in February, we'll rehearse there for a week. Let's see what songs we will play but
I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say that the energy we feel for that show is already
a huge one. We have a plan to film and record that show so everyone will be able to see how Symfonia
sounds and looks like live.
The remaining things, guitars, keys, vocals and some extra stuff will be recorded in the next 4 weeks.
Andre Matos is writing melodies and lyrics in this very moment and one of these days I'll catch a plane to
Sweden to record the vocals.

So all well here, happy trails to everyone and thanks for your support already now.

    Cheers, Timo


  1. Jari plays a bass solo on the title track and he also plays the solo ¨Darling¨? Supercool! Do you have an instrumental one just on your own? Thanks for sharing. AleMetal

  2. "Darling" wasn't good enough so the bass solo is on the title track of the album.

  3. Cant wait to hear the end result!