Dec 8, 2010

Greetings from the bass recordings

Arrived to Redhouse Studio in Helsinki couple of hours ago. Jari forgot his bass home and he is using a pizza shovel to play the tracks. They look the same to me.
I took some pics with iPhone and upon closer looking it's evident that Jari is an alien. He has six fingers.
This is a nice place, has sauna as well. We recorded bass for that demotape here too.

      Cheers, J & T


  1. Awesome photos, hahahaha

    Must have been great fun!

  2. Well we just started. So it's still fun. Except for Jari "the ALien Pizza Shovel"Kainulainen

  3. hahahaha and the beatles are watching you!


  4. Awesome and Funny pics hahahahaha.

  5. I am very happy to see them together again and I hope the album will soon have my hands ... a hug from Chile ...\m/

  6. Same here! BIG HUGS! Can't wait to see you! Diana.

  7. Timo, on the 2nd photo u look like our swedish king Carl Gustav getting caught with Sofia, the kings sons girlfriend :-)

  8. A Rainbow tshirt? Mmmm... Maybe that thing is Roger Glover using Jari´s skin. Problems with the bass players again Timo? Cmon! Thanks for sharing men!

  9. Nice to see you guys together again!

    Jari "the ALien Pizza Shovel"Kainulainen?

    This is funny! :-D