Dec 9, 2010

Bass recordings Day 2

Day two. We got a really killer bass sound. I don't ever remember getting so good bass sound
out of Jari before. The equipment is the same.
This studio really is a cool place and the recordings are going smoothly. Yesterday we were in
sauna and had a nice and long sleep and today have worked on more bass tracks. All going as planned.
We feel a bit weird for some reason because it is going so well. Attached find some pics, maybe this 
feeling is visible in the graphic format.

         Heatings,  J & T

PS.  I am more and more convinced that Jari "what's the next song"Kainulainen is an alien. -t


  1. Haha, this reminds me something :D

  2. Thank you very much for sharing Timo and Jari ¨whats the next album¨ Kainulainen. Are we gonna have any present from you guys before XMas? You know what I mean man... This is like a dream to us, you know? Thanks again!!!

  3. Jari "what's the next album" Kainulainen might have a nice gift for everyone. The album contains a bass solo called : "Darling".

  4. Thanks Timo! This kind of news is a breath of fresh air. It´s a f*cking hot spring in Buenos Aires! Where´s my Koskenkorva, damn it! AleMetal