Dec 10, 2010

End of day 2 Bass recordings

18 minutes past midnight, just finished for today. Jari "why do I have to follow the kick drum" Kainulainen has recorded bass for 8 songs already. We will finish the rest of the songs tomorrow. The sauna is on, now we get naked (me, Jari and Chopin's ghost who lives in this studio) and hit the sauna. Not literally.
Uli "Ali the one way pilot"Kusch just sent us a mail. He is fishing in Narvik (attach a picture he sent). He is going for the big one. Not just anyone.

           Lots of greetings, J & T


  1. Ja sitte muistakaa kiäriä munasillaa lumihangessa, paranee kaikki nääs sitte ;)