Dec 18, 2010


Started to record guitars today at Redhouse Studio in Helsinki.
The only thing that was missing was that I noticed I did not have an amplifier!
As it is a few hard to record anything without an amplifier and since I don't have
my ENGLs anymore, I was obviously facing a problem.

The studio owner and a fellow Beatles fan Esa Yli-Jaskari was and has been more than
helpful in everything. He arranged me the same amp I used for the recordings of the Destiny
album: Laney VH 100. It took 10 minute to get a great sound and I finished 4 songs already today.
There will be lot of guitars on this album so I think I will spend almost 2 weeks for the recordings (like with Trinity album).

It is the first time in my life I will be recording on the 24th of December and that feels...kind of liberating.
Everybody seem to think I'm sad because of "missing the XMas", but I could not be happier about how this record is turning out to be. The new guitar S7 feels wonderful and easy to play.

As always, I keep you updated how things are going and we have a little XMas present for you next week
on our web page so don't forget to check the page. Some band members are also discussing about various of topics in Symfonia Forum. Why not register, you won't be killed :) (It's moderated though).

After the guitars I will fly to Sweden to spend 2 weeks with Andre Matos recording vocals and guess what, I will miss the 31st as well :) So carry on, eh? :)

It's 3am in the morning in snowy Helsinki. Time to get some sleep. Over and out.

           Cheers, Timo


  1. Hyvää yötä from snowy Slovakia :)

  2. Ps Timo, Feliz navidad de todas formas, veo que disfrutas la creación de este disco, ojalá manden unas copias a Colombia del nuevo trabajo a ver si me lo compro!!!

    Timo, las mejores mijo.
    Att: El Angelo

  3. Guitars! Guitars! The moment of truth. Five hours earlier in here, it's still Friday, rainy and 32ºC, no snow nor air at all, damn it! We're making a toast because of your news, one more toast! Thanks for sharing man. AleMetal.

  4. Can't wait to hear that album.
    greetings from Argentina

  5. André o Fernado falo que vc vai m dar uma camiseta do Symfonia, lah em Piedade! ;)

  6. Just kidding I'm glad that the hero of Metal Brasileiro, rises from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix!

  7. A note to the band.
    Do not forget to visit Brazil and see themselves, do not forget the interior Paulista!

  8. I can't wait to hear this masterpiece. Timo, you are an inspiration. Never give up doing what you do best - writing music and shredding!


  9. I´m from BraSil and it´s good news hearing from you guys. Especially Andre who´s coming from the same place I was born. Well I hope all the best and if it´s possible could you guys show us how the bass was recorded. The equipment etc etc...